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Wish List

SGACC is a community-driven nonprofit, and for us to continue helping animals, we need your help. We house over 3000 animals, and need to upgrade our facilities.
Our wishlist has a range of items that can cost less than a meal out! We need fans, coolers, blankets, buckets, heaters, dog beds, food bowls, bird feeders, toys, chew sticks, and so much more. You might even have some them lying around unused at home. Help us help animals?


Would you like to volunteer at a local shelter or animal rescue organization? Walk dogs, feed animals, organise fundraising events, foster abused or frightened animals? Come join us and help make a difference.
Would you like to help us promote the Animal Birth Control Programme (ABC)? By spaying and neutering your own dog, as well as the dogs in your community, you are helping Delhi become rabies-free. We have a low-cost spay/neuter programme and work with the municipality. Help us spread the word to more communities and neighbourhoods.
Would you like to start a neighborhood watch program? Get to know the animals in your neighborhood and invite your friends and neighbours to do the same. Together, you can keep an eye out for any cruelty – abuse and neglect of companion animals, constantly tied up pets, the mistreatment of colony dogs, and other signs of abuse. Regularly feed the dogs and animals in your area and turn your community animal friendly.

Sponsor an Animal

If you do not have place in your home, you can still make room in your heart by paying for the upkeep of an animal in the shelter. This will enable us to provide refuge and comfort to more needy animals. Pick an animal of your choice from the list below and contribute towards his monthly upkeep.
You can visit our shelter and choose a lucky animal, or leave that to us.

Animal Per Month Per Year
Dog INR 800 INR 6000
Cat INR 800 INR 6000
Rabbit INR 300 INR 3000
Donkey INR 1000 INR 8000
Cow INR 1500 INR 10,000
Horse INR 1500 INR 10,000
Camel INR 2000 INR 12,000
Bird INR 200 INR 2000

Adopt an Animal

Thinking of adopting an animal? Here are some questions to ask yourself before that. Would you like to adopt an indian dog , or a cat, or perhaps a rabbit?
We have many animals up for adoption. Contact us if you would like one for your home.

Donate Now

Giving for animals is perhaps the most altruistic form of charity for its beneficiaries are unable to acknowledge or reciprocate your generosity. What you will receive though is the enormous satisfaction of knowing that you have done the most good for the most needy.
As a non-profit organization, the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre, the flagship hospital of People for Animals, is entirely dependent on public donations to sustain its vital work.
All contributions are exempt from Income Tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. We accept donations in cash or kind. Cheque or demand draft can be sent in favour of ‘Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre’. You can also donate here

Friend for Life

Make a yearly donation of Rs 10,000/- ( It's about Rs 850/- a month) and become a Friend of Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre. It’s NOT like an EMI or a lifelong commitment. Donate till you feel comfortable. Apart from taking care of major expenses, the money will be used for food, medicines, and general care for the IPD patients. Ask your friends to do the same

Leave a Legacy

When we are gone, there will continue to be animals that need love, care, treatment and food. You can continue to help them by including a bequest to the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre. To commemorate your generosity, we would love to name a facility after you so that your compassion for animals lives on forever.

Report Animal Cruelty

All cruelty is punishable under the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Act, 1960 and IPC 429. If you see any cruelty in your area, be sure to make a written complaint to the police or call +91- 9560802425 / 8882325407 with the name, number, if possible, and address of the offender, and the number of the concerned police station.
More details can be found on People for Animals