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Thirty years ago I started India’s first animal rescue centre and hospital. It was originally designed to cater to approximately 200 animals. Over the years it has saved thousands of animals, inspired others to start rescue centres, become a training ground for veterinarians and been largely instrumental in eradicating rabies from Delhi.

I could not have done this alone. It was achieved only because people like you contributed to its upkeep. Today SGACC has over 2,500 animals in the hospital, and 20 more come in every day. We have abandoned animals, accident and illness cases. We have hundreds of cows and buffaloes who come in every week when they are saved from illegal slaughter by police teams working with People For Animals. We have people bringing in their pets for free treatment or to abandon on the pretext they have found them on the street. We have people who call us at three in the morning because they want to remove a barking dog. We work round the clock.

We get no grants from the government or from foreign foundations. We are completely dependent on donations. Our services even for the paying customers are the cheapest in India. We have the best dental, ultrasound, x ray and blood lab for animals in Delhi.

But the hospital is simply collapsing under the weight of the load it is attempting to carry. Every year, the rains damage part of our infrastructure. In winter we are hardpressed to arrange covered shelter for all of the daily arrivals. In summer we have to arrange additional fans and coolers. We simply do not have the ability to carry on like this. I am physically managing the hospital myself in order to effect repairs, employ more doctors and improve the infrastructure to make it more animal friendly. I need your help.

I have put together a list of items that we need, in order to continue to help animals (OUR WISHLIST) I would be deeply grateful if you could pass the list around and see what can be contributed by you and people you know. Some of these are very small items – some are larger. Instead of a cinema ticket or a birthday celebration, perhaps you could consider donating something that would save the life of a helpless creature.

This hospital has been started as a service to the community and we need people of the community to keep it going. We need you to expand the circle of love.

The law of Karma ensures that helping the truly helpless will bring you luck and joy in return. I hope that the coming year is full of luck and love for you.

Thank you for caring about animals and I look forward to your continuing support.

Maneka Gandhi


Concept: Gautam Grover Model: Nathassha Sikka Photography: Manish Manchanda

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