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The following facilities are available for the care of animals:

1. An Out Patient Ward (OPD) with the following facilities:

  • Two O.P.D clinics
  • A clinical diagnostic laboratory
  • Two boarding rooms
  • Special Care Unit
  • Modern Dental Care

II. An Operation Theatre which has the following facilities:

  • A pre operative room
  • Two operation theatres
  • A post operative room

III. An Indoor Patient Department (IPD) which has the following facilities for small animals :

  • Sick bay (canines)
  • Five enclosures with open and covered areas for dogs
  • Separate holding area for dogs brought for sterilisation
  • Separate recovery section with 8 rooms for dogs post sterilisation
  • One canine skin disease section
  • One maternity section
  • Two puppy enclosures (One for very young , one for slightly older)
  • One enclosure for rabbits
  • Two enclosures for monkeys
  • Two enclosures for birds
  • An IPD clinic

IV. An indoor Patient Department for large animals which has the following facilities:

  • Four cattle enclosures with covered sheds
  • A sick bay section for large animals
  • A large animal clinic
  • Separate Maternity Enclosure for cows and calves