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Volunteer at your local shelter or animal rescue organization. Volunteering at your local shelter is a great way to make a difference. From walking dogs, feeding animals and organizing fundraising events to fostering abused or frightened animals, shelters across the country are in desperate need of volunteers.

Come, volunteer at the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre and help hundreds of animals. For more details speak to the Director, Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre at 25448062 and 25447751.

Promote spaying and neutering. By spaying and neutering your own dog as well as the dogs in your community, you are helping Delhi to become rabies - free. Take this a step further by promoting the Animal Birth Control Programme (ABC) in your community and avail of our Shelter’s low-cost spay/neuter programme. Create flyers promoting the organization’s ABC programme and pass them out at central locations in your community. Tie up with our shelter that will assist in this programme and make your community a rabies free zone.

Start a neighborhood watch program. Get to know the animals in your neighborhood and invite your friends and neighbours to do the same. Together you can keep an eye out for any cruelty — abuse and neglect of companion animals, constantly tied up pets, the mistreatment of colony dogs and other signs of abuse. Regularly feed the dogs and animals in your area and turn your community animal friendly.