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Sponsor An Animal

If you do not have place in your home , you can still make room in your heart by paying for the upkeep of an animal in a shelter. This will enable the shelter to provide refuge and comfort to many more needy animals.Pick an animal of your choice and contribute towards its monthly upkeep. You can visit our shelter and choose your pet, or leave that to us.

Animal Cost Per Month Cost Per Year

Animal Per Month Per Year
Dog INR 800 INR 6000
Cat INR 800 INR 6000
Rabbit INR 300 INR 3000
Donkey INR 1000 INR 8000
Cow INR 1500 INR 10,000
Horse INR 1500 INR 10,000
Camel INR 2000 INR 12,000
Bird INR 200 INR 2000