On 25th April 2014

Meet the Star of SGACC, Kalu, he was being taken for Qurbani by his erstwhile “owner” on the happy occasion of the birth of their son, in the false belief of bringing good luck to the son. How can the murder of someone be a pious act and bring good luck to anyone? The Male Goat is now happy @SGACC and will be looked after for life. Such Rescues are not possible without the contribution of People like you, Help us to Help the Animals.

Emus are being abandoned by farmers under the failed schemes which were peddled as an easy, get-rich-quick agri -venture. With excess supply, the bubble soon burst and now the birds are being dumped in forests or sold for cheap meat by desperate farmers. The trend of abandoning emus also amounted to cruelty towards the birds. Since India has no market for emus they are being just dumped anywhere and everywhere.

Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre received a call from an animal lover about these emus, our team rescued these Emus which were being sold at an Illegal meat shop at Subhash Nagar, Delhi on 18th April 2014. We have 45 Emus that have been rescued and brought in the Shelter, since they do not have any place to go, we have decided to keep them for life. This is another Happy Rescue by our Team and a Happy and safe Home for the Emus. Their care, food and medicines requires fund. We request all people to make a donation for these emus by clicking on the DONATE tab NOW !!!! Every small penny counts.

People For Animals received a complaint about these chickens being illegally transported for slaughter. PFA with the help of the Delhi Police rushed to the site and confiscated these chickens who are now in the care of SGACC. The chickens were maimed and were being held upside down on a scooter which is illegal under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 and the Delhi Municipal Laws. The owner of the Scooter was booked by the Delhi Police and the chickens were handed over to SGACC.
If you see such act of cruelty please report at 23357088 or log onto www.peopleforanimalsindia.org. It could result in a rescue like this.
The chickens are now being taken care by SGACC please make a donation and help us help them.

People For Animals alongwith SGACC and the Delhi Police confiscated this horse who was brutally injured and was being used for weddings. This horse was in a terrible condition with wounds. Now being treated at SGACC this horse is given proper medical care and food and Vitamin Supplements and as we say this horse has retired and is having a new lease of life. SGACC is against the use of horses for weddings or any other exploitation.

Please Donate Now to help SGACC help this horse to spend the rest of his life free from cruelty and abuse.

Report any instance of abuse to animals at 23357088 or log onto www.peopleforanimalsindia.org. It could result in a rescue like this.

On 11th May 2011

People For Animals received a complaint that donkeys were being overloaded and beaten at a construction site behind Hyatt Hotel near Bhikaji Cama Place.

A team visited the spot and verified the situation . It found 19 donkeys that were clearly wounded and malnourished. They were being used daily all throughout the day in the intense heat to shift debris from the construction site. The construction company was Bhayana Construction. The PFA team went to the Safdarjang Enclave police station and reported the matter. The police accompanied the team to the spot and confirmed that the provisions of the PCA Act 1960 were indeed being violated.

Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre was contacted to pick up the donkeys. SGACC sent three vehicles into which the donkeys were loaded and brought back to the shelter. A special separate enclosure was cleared for them and today all 19 can be seen recovering from their ordeal. Their wounds have been treated, their food and water troughs are always full, they can rest in the shade and best of all, they never have to fear the angry lash of a whip again. SGACC will continue to keep these donkeys safe and happy.

Bhayana Construction has pledged never to use donkeys again. The next time you pass a construction site, check to see if it is using donkeys. Check the condition of the donkeys - are they well fed, is there water provided for them, are they rested in the afternoons, are they wounded or limping. Report any instance of abuse to animals at 23357088 or log onto www.peopleforanimalsindia.org. It could result in a rescue like this.



Concept: Gautam Grover Model: Nathassha Sikka Photography: Manish Manchanda

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