SGACC Objectives include:

1. To prevent cruelty and secure the welfare of animals throughout India. In the initial phase, the area of operation to be restricted to the Union Territory of Delhi.

2. To alleviate animal suffering and instill a feeling of compassion in people so that they may realize their responsibility as humans to protect animals.

3. To initiate, promote and advance legislative and other measures, calculated to encourage kindness, discourage cruelty and stimulate human sentiments towards the care and treatment of animals.

4.To assist in the establishments of panjrapoles and sanctuaries to give shelter to birds and animals in sickness and old age.

5.To synchronize its operations with other voluntary agencies and associations, including local bodies as well as the State and Central Governments for the promotion of projects and programmes designed to curtail animal suffering..

6. Sensitising owners to the needs of their animals which includes providing proper food, shelter, attention,and opportunity to exercise .

7. Controlling the homeless animal population through sterilisation and an active adoption programme that promotes the virtues of Indian dogs as companion animals.

8. Discouraging the breeding and buying of dogs.

9. Raising awareness about the helpline and ambulance services so that sick and wounded animals may receive timely aid.

10. Constant upgradation of veterinary skills and services..

11. Improving efficiency to prevent loss, neglect or ill treatment of any SGACC inmate.


Concept: Gautam Grover Model: Nathassha Sikka Photography: Manish Manchanda

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