Report Animal Cruelty

All cruelty is punishable under the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Act 1960. If you see any cruelty in your area, be sure to make a written complaint to the police or call 011-23357088 and make a report to People For Animals giving the name , number if possible , address of the offender as well as the number of the concerned police station. Log on to www.peopleforanimalsindia.org for more details.

Friend for Life

Make a yearly donation of Rs 10,000/- ( It's about Rs 850/- a month) and become a Friend of Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre. Itís NOT like an EMI or a lifelong commitment. Give till you feel comfortable or trust the work. Commit less or more. Apart from taking care of major expenses, the money will be used for food, medicines and general care for the IPD patients. Ask your friends to do the same.

Leave A Legacy

When you no longer need your money, use it to help animals. By including a bequest to the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre now, you will help secure its services for animals in the future. We may come and we may go but we can ensure that SGACC will always be there for animals in need. Use your Will to give animals a new lease of life. To commemorate your generosity , SGACC would be happy to name a facility after you so that your concern for animals lives on forever.


Concept: Gautam Grover Model: Nathassha Sikka Photography: Manish Manchanda

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