Q 10 Its monsoons and my house and 5 dogs are crawling with ticks. Help!

A10. Try 'Bayticol' liquid, manufactured by Bayer. It is for local application, to be dabbed along the spine - on the back - from the neck to the base of the tail, with the help of a plastic dropper or a syringe with the needle removed. The animal should not be bathed for about a week after that. The effect should last for a month. However , now when you stroke the dog , please wash our hands afterwards.

Q11.Why is it that when there's something gross and smelly on the ground, dogs always seem to want to roll in it?

A11. It is thought that this is a trait which harkens back to the dogs' more wild relatives. Wolves are known to exhibit this behavior, rolling in the carcasses or feces of herbivores. It's believed that they do this in order to mask their scent and disguise themselves, thus increasing their chances of a successful sneak attack upon their prey. Then again, maybe, to a dog's way of thinking, it's just fun.

Q12. Why do dogs mount other dogs?

A.12 This is normal and common canine behaviour . It is not sexually motivated. Older dogs who do this are usually attempting to demonstrate their dominance, while younger dogs and puppies do it as part of their play.

Q.13.I have a cat whose young, about three years old, but it seems that her whiskers are falling out. Should I be concerned about this?

A.13 Cats will lose a few whiskers from time to time. However, if they're losing a lot of whiskers or if the condition seems to be prolonged, it can be an early sign of illness. In that case, you'd want to have your cat examined by your veterinarian, particularly if the whisker loss is accompanied by other symptoms like bad breath, other hair loss, or discharge from the eyes, ears or anus.

Q 14. How can you get an overweight cat to lose weight?

A.14.A reduction in caloric intake is necessary for an overweight cat to lose weight and, if possible, an increase in activity. You can start by reducing the quantity of your cat's food by one quarter. It may also help to divide your cat's food into several small meals given throughout the day if he seems overly hungry once you've decreased the amount. Also be aware of the amount of treats you're giving to your cat on a given day and try decreasing these as well.

Q 15..Do rottweilers have violent instincts it them or does it depend on how they are raised?

A. 15 Rottweilers were created and bred to be a working dog that was not too large. One of their normal chores was to keep an eye on children. They were bred to be strong, gentle, intelligent dogs who would be willing and able to work cooperatively with people. But inbreeding and bad breeding by people who believe that only those dogs with a fierce temperament should be allowed to live have created some bloodlines and individuals who are less true to type. As a rule, no dog is born aggressive or negatively head-strong. Human error and stupidity accounts for most aggressive behaviours in animals, dogs included.

Q.16. My cat attacks me (only me) violently and without provocation. His pupils dilate and he latches onto my arm or leg. Why does he do this and how can I get him to stop?

A.16 Cats often jump people or things that, to the average human observer, do not necessarily deserve such an attack. Often they think they're playing. Cats have thicker skin than humans, and they don't realize how much their claws hurt. Hyper cats zoom around the house, chase anything that moves, and often jump their humans. It's normal cat behvaior, although you can send "this is inappropriate" signals to a cat by either saying "no" very sharply (you have to use the same word consistently, and you should never use the cat's name because it will confuse these admonitions with other times when you're just calling him) or by keeping a spray bottle on hand and hitting him with a quick squirt of water (this has to be done immediately, so the cat associates the punishment with the behavior).

Q17 Could my neutered male cat harm new-born kittens?

A17. This would depend on the cat. If hes the father he will be tolerant of them. But you must see how he acts with them. Some mothers donít want the male cat near their kittens so you have to play it by ear. Not all male cats kill their babies,it depends on the cat's temperament.There are instances where a male cat has assisted the birth and cleaned the babies.

Q 18.Can guinea pigs eat bread?

A.18 Guinea pigs should only eat fresh hay, vegetables and fruit. They should not eat foods such as chocolate, bread, pasta and any other food deemed to be a treat. Such treats may create toxic bacteria within the guinea pig's intestinal tract.





Concept: Gautam Grover Model: Nathassha Sikka Photography: Manish Manchanda

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