Second OT : An additional Small Animal Operation Theatre has been added.

Dental Care Unit: State of the art equipment and training has been provided and owners are now offered free dental check ups for their pets.

Puppy Adoption Centre:Clear A new enclosure has been created where adoptable puppies are on view to encourage their adoption.

Infectious Diseases Enclosure: A separate section for dogs with parvo/distemper and other infectious diseases has been created to prevent the spread of disease and provide infected dogs with the required intensive care.

Rabbit Enclosure: A new rabbit enclosure has been created.

Small Birds Enclosure: A new birds enclosure has been created.

Cattle Enclosure Extended: Additional ground is being prepared to extend the cattle enclosure to give existing cattle free roaming space.

Burial Ground:A new burial ground has been created for pet burials.

Additional Accomodation for Doctors:Rooms have been added for live-in vets.

Fodder Shop: SGACC has provided free space for a green fodder (chara) shop at the entrance of its premises to facilitate the donation of green fodder for its cattle.

Small Animal Ambulance:A three wheeler aurto ambulance has been added for small animal pick ups.

Air-conditioning:  The OT, OPD and IPD clinics have been fitted with

Tiled Flooring: The entire shelter has been floored with cement tiles
towards improved cleanliness and hygiene.

Waterproofing: All existing enclosures have been waterproofed to withstand the monsoons.

Ground Level Raised: Floor levels has been considerably raised and sewerage improved to prevent flooding during the monsoon.

MIS System: New networked computer and a computerised record keeping system
has been introduced to improve transparency and efficiency.

Website: A new SGACC website has been created to publicise SGACC and generate funds for its animal welfare activities.


Concept: Gautam Grover Model: Nathassha Sikka Photography: Manish Manchanda

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