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The Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre (SGACC) is India's oldest and Delhi's largest all-animal shelter. It was founded in 1980 from a legacy bequeathed by the late Mrs. Ruth Cowell of New South Wales, Australia to Shri Sanjay Gandhi.

A foundation set up in her memory, The Ruth Cowell Foundation, resolved to establish an animal care centre in Delhi that would serve as a prototype for other centres around India . The proposed hospital cum shelter was envisaged as a 24x7 facility that would rescue, home , treat and rehabilitate sick and needy animals, serve as a training centre for vets and animal handlers across the country, run an OPD for owned animals, offer diagnostic services, provide burial facilities, and serve as a holding centre for animal victims of cruelty cases.,

Inaugurated in September 1983, The Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre, is today Asia ís largest such facility and home to over 3000 animals at any given point. Spread over four acres of land in Raja Gardens , West Delhi between Shivaji College and the Home Guards' HQ , it is planted over with trees, assuring the necessary space and natural environment for animals and birds to enjoy freedom and security. An all-animal facility, SGACC is open 24/7 and runs a round-the-clock free animal ambulance service and helpline. Its busy OPD treats almost 200 companion animals a day providing medical, diagnostic, surgical and dental services. It is part of the city municipality's ABC (Animal Birth Control) programme wherein it sterilises and vaccinates street dogs. It works closely with the police to take in and care for animals confiscated in cruelty cases such as overloading and neglectful ownership. It organises a thrice weekly adoption stall at the city's most popular shopping mall through which it has placed over 2000 Indian puppies in loving homes. Under the patronage of Smt Maneka Gandhi, this pioneering facility named after her husband, Shri Sanjay Gandhi, has thus flourished into a well staffed, well equipped all round veterinary centre that is a boon for animals and their well wishers.

While the Chairperson , Smt Maneka Gandhi, visits regularly and is actively involved, the day to day management is headed by the Hospital Director while veterinary services are supervised by the Medical Director. Each separate department has an administrative head.


SGACC believes that animals are people too. Like us they too are entitled to the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As the planet's most vulnerable inhabitants, they deserve our strongest support.


SGACC mission is to provide sick, wounded and abandoned animals food, shelter, medication, kindness, safety and care for as long as they need it.


The Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre accepts all (any number, any type) animals that need help. It does not set a limit on the number of animals it is ready to house, nor does it euthanise animals on account of so-called constraints of space. While it is a no-kill shelter, it will and does euthanise animals that are in extreme pain and beyond recovery. It sees its job as not so much as to prolong life, but to curtail suffering. Recumbent animals with broken spines, cases where maggots have eaten into the brain, and any other instance where treatment would hurt more than help, are fit cases for euthanasia. SGACC does not believe in killing for food. It does not purchase meat, but obtains meat waste from hotels for consumption by its dogs, cats and birds of prey.


Concept: Gautam Grover Model: Nathassha Sikka Photography: Manish Manchanda

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